Cancer Insurance

Who do you have your cancer insurance with?

Wouldn’t you want the best shot at beating cancer if it even happened to you?

Your unique DNA Plays an integral role in everything about you including how you develop cancer and even how you react to treatments.

So if cancer is unique to a person as their DNA, why would cancer treatments be the same for everyone?

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Select Your Lump Sum of Coverage Up to $75,000

GTL’s Precision Care Plan allows you to select the amount of base coverage that is right for you. Your selected lump sum is paid directly to you if you are diagnosed with cancer so you can focus on your recovery and not your finances!

What is GTL’s Precision Medicine Benefit and how does it work?

  • In the event you are diagnosed with cancer and after you file a claim with GTL, you inform your doctor you have access to TGEN’s world class Genomic Sequencing Services.
  • Your doctor is contacted by TGen and a sample containing your tumor and healthy cells are shipped to TGen’s laboratories for genomic sequencing.
  • Sequencing Results are analysed and one-on-one consultations with TGen oncology experts are provided to you and your doctor to help make sense of your sequencing results and provide treatment recommendations. GTL pays benefits for the testing and consultative services. 
Check out the infographic below for more information on how GTL + TGEN work together

Cancer Insurance, specified disease insurance, is issued on Form Series G1530 and Rider Form Series, RG15CBB, RG16PM, RG15RP20, RG15RPD, RG15RPDL, & RG15CC by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company. This product, its features, and riders are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please refer to the outline of coverage.


Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company and TGen are separate legal entities and have sole financial responsibility for their own products.

TGen is a Qualified Laboratory Provider. Benefits may be paid when using any Qualified Laboratory Provider.

*In most states, there is a 30-day waiting period, beginning on the issue date of the policy (In other states, there may be coverage for an Initial Benefit Period on the base policy and certain riders).

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